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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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It would be better, perhaps, if a Christian were writ-
ing, to use the English word " grace " and say exactly
what he meant by it in the beginning, than to employ
some Greek or Latin word which Would be used by the
Greek or the Roman in a quite different sense. You
have an example of this in a chapter which you all
know very well; " And now abideth faith, hope,
charity, these three, and the greatest of these is
charity." You will find in your new version that the
word " charity " is given as " love," but it has taken
them several centuries, since the Bible was translated,
to find that out, because the Greek word is charis,
and the Latin is caritas and it looks like the English
word charity.  We have made "charity" mean
<( giving, as an evidence of love," bu^ it really means
not only the giving but the spirit that gives, so that
the word love is nearer the original.

So with all these words, moksha means "libera-
tion," and if you ask {c liberation from what " ? they
will tell you that it is from the Samsara, which
means the round of births and deaths. You will see
that, in that, nothing is said as to the man's reason
for wanting to get away. Any man who wishes to
escape from birth and death is a Mumukshu. His
reason for doing that might be that he was tired of
this perpetual round, that he held, as the Lord
Buddha did, that all manifested life is sorrow because
it is limitation. The Lord Buddha did not say that
a man might not have joyous interludes, but that