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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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the whole thiiu; is sorrow, because it is limitation,.
it is a sacrifice. Now a mau holding that idea mi^ht
say: u What i? the cause of all this? Why am I held
m tins round of hirtli anil death ? ° It is the desire for
the manifested life, the dtsiru to fmd otit^tilf ki^nly
ali'vt\ that is what brings tli^ q?o })ack into incarna-
tion'—to fvi*! oncu inori* ttu* vibrations to which it
can respond.   Tilt; whole object of the ego in
putting itsrif down into lower matter is to limit
itself, in order to respond to vibrations to which st
cannot respond ut its own level. Could it respond to
begin with. there would be no need for all thi^ ; but
it cannot ; the vibrations which pass through it are
too kee»t too rapid tomakeuny impression ; tlierefon^
it imts ilM'If fluwn» dowl'^ tluwn» ii^to denser inalter,
until it rruelirs a point where^ iseeiiis^e e»f the ^low-
ness of llie vibrations, it can re^|)oiid and feel low
and roar^oneh at fu'?4. beeunsr tiley ure tile slowest,
but gradually ulliers, wliieli are a little briter, and
a^ain a little I^etter, and in this way hr jta?^^1:^ from
the ptn'sieal aiNl ettierie to the ii^trab from tiM* astral
to the m^ntaL anil Irarns to lunid iliinself Inl In* bit in
thai v^iy. That i.s ^1^'re hiif«auity is at tins monseiiL
\Vr are drvel^pilm ttie iiteiitat iNidy* You In: me.uih
of voiir nit-dil.ilion .ire Huhini; drtrrtiiifted eit'orl,^ to
pre1^ <»u .i little fisrthrr, ^u as to ^r| ^'limp;'»»^ of1 tti«'
Sli^'hrr pLuir.  Vun ar*4 trxini: ti* ert tunrlir1. of
intniti* tfi tsh»!ii tlir I^iiiltllHe |4aue. Tiit^ UMild al l4ti*r
i^ .4ilS hi ihr |»roec>;- pf t2uu.i,'; t^ dfU'S»"»i^ il'^ inniUit