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body, and no one outside students of Occultism has
yet learnt to use that mental body as a vehicle. I do
not say you always do, because you h^ve not formed
the habit of doing so in past lives? You are probably
only now acquiring the habit and getting to feel
at home in it, but it is quite perfectly developed and
ready for use. There is no doubt at all about that.
That lower part. of your mental body is in perfect
order and ready for use, and even a little bit above
that the higher part of the mental body is coming
into activity. You are trying by your meditation to
get the whole of your mental body developed, and
under control. When you have done that perfectly
you can then begin to use it as a vehicle to travel
about in. At night you can leave yotir physical and
astral bodies and the rest of the rubbish, and use
your mental body as a vehicle; and travel in that
instead of using the astral. When you have done
that, you repeat the process with the causal body,
and when you can use your causal body perfectly
then you are already an ego acting on his own plane.
We have not got to that yet, bat we are trying for it.
All those lower vehicles are temporary things which
you put on in order to be able to learn how to use
that plane and respond to its vibrations. But when
you have done that perfectly, and have got your ego
working perfectly in his causal body, there is no
need to incarnate any more in these, because, having
triumphed over them, you can at any moment