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TWENTY-FIFTH TALK          5o3

materialise a temporary astral and mental body and
show yourself and do what you want to do. You need
no longer go through the wearisome round of birth and
death, disease ancf decay, which are so unpleasant.
Perhaps you do not always think of it as so un-
pleasant because you get a little enjoyment out of
life.  Yes, but if you could only look at it from
the standpoint of the ego^ what an unspeakable
bore it is to an eternal Spirit to be down here
et cabin'd, cribb'd, confined " in a body which cannot do
this and will not do that, in which he cannot do
anything he wants to do ! While we are in
it we make the best of it, but it is only a temporary
vehicle, this, put on for the purpose of learning ; and
when you hat^e learned the lesson and have done
that, you are very glad to get rid of the whole thing.
There is no kind of question about that. The man
who has realised that the whole of life is sorrow and
that it is this desire for manifestation which drags
him into incarnation may say to himself: tc I will get
rid of this desire, which is the primary cause of bring-
ing me down into incarnation. What else brings me
down ? Karma. I have done certain things, and the
karma of these actions drags me back to receive the
results, whether good or bad. I will balance that
karma." The man who can say this is already a
developed man ; one who must have thought a good
deal about these things—a metaphysician and a
philosopher—not a bad man by any manner of