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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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means. He says deliberately: tŁ I will shut off the
desire ; I will balance the karma accurately and then
there will be nothing to bring me back." Of course,
that is true; when one succeed^ in doing that (and
there are many in India who have succeeded at
different times in doing it) the man escapes from this
round of birth and death. What becomes of him ?
He lives eternally in the heaven world or perhaps he
may reach the causal level. He does not as a rule
get any higher than that; I think I have never known
of a case which went higher than that; but at any
rate, he is clear away from birth and death, he has
escaped from it, and therefore he has attained his
moksha. But he has done it for selfish reasons. I
admit it is a spiritual selfishness, it^s not what we
commonly call selfishness, for the man who can do
that must be a man who has raised himself above all
lower passions and desires—otherwise the thing would
be impossible. But he is a man who has forgotten
one side of evolution. He has learned the action of
the law of karma perfectly, and therefore he has been
able to free himself from it.   He understands it.
He has not learned perfectly the law of evolu-
tion because he has not freed himself also from
that. His position is that he is a long way in
front of the average man—a very much better
man, a very much more spiritual man than the
average. So there he remains. He floats in the
atmosphere of the world, as part of its evolution, but