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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWENTY-FIFTH TALK           5o5

away ahead of it all^ It is something like what
"Would happen in the case of a very clever boy, who
got ahead of his comrades and took several examina-
tions in advance. * Such a boy could afford to lie up
and do nothing for three or four years while the
others were getting to that level. It is very much
like that. But there would come a time when his
comrades would overtake him. That is precisely
what happens to the man who attains moksha. He
has not attained the goal which is set for humanity
to attam, because the evolution of humanity ends in
Adeptship.  Now, an Adept is not only a man
who is free from birth and death, but he is also
a living power.  He has made himself one with
the Monad, \9ho is in turn a spark of the Deity.
But the plan of the Dedty is to put Himself down,
to pour Himself out in utter self-sacrifice into this
whole field of evolution. Therefore the man who
becomes one with the Deity must also be filled with
the spirit of self-sacrifice; otherwise he is not truly
one with Him. He is not expressing a very important
side of the Divine life, therefore the man who attains
moksha presently finds himself lying near the average
level. The tide of evolution rises to his level and
laps round him once more and he has to come back
and be born and develop what previously he has not
developed. Of course that time will be a long way
ahead, because to get the average of humanity up to
that level will take many generations, many, many