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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWENTY-FIFTH TALK          5o7

part, therefore the kariya from them comes to human-
ity and not to him, so there is nothing to bind to
rebirth, but Ae whole of humanity gets a little uplift.
It is not a great* amount of uplift, that amount of
karma spread all over the world, but it does mean
a steady uplift. We say we get exactly what we
deserve. So we do, and it is always just a little
better than we do really deserve, for this reason, that
the karma comes straight back to us, but a little bit
higher up than you were before, and so you are a
little better off than, strictly speaking, you ought to
be. No injustice in it, because it is just the same for
everyone, bad and good. We are all being uplifted.
Always there is just a little on the credit side. You
can call that; if you like, tt the mercy of God".
The people who are making the greatest good karma
do not take it, but throw it into the general pool for
all, and that also helps humanity to rise a little

So you see, it is this question of thinking about
others which makes the gr^at difference between the
man who seeks liberation only for himself, and the
one who seeks it only in order that he may help ; and
it is a vast difference-

Another point to be remembered is that our ideal
is perfect consciousness on the highest level we
can reach.   I do not know whether you know
exactly what is conveyed by that other Samskrit
word samadhi.  People talk about " passing into