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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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samadhi^' and those who. love the rolling sound of
the Samskrifc better than English always talk about
going into samadhi when they meditate. It is not a
happy use of the term. The real meaning of this
gave us a great deal of trouble. We could not
understand the things said about samadhi.  They
seemed to contradict one another. Some said it was
at this level, some said it was at that. Presently we
discovered that there were different " samadhis". It
was only gradually that it dawned upon us that it is a
very relative term. Samadhiy for anybody, is the
point which is just beyond the point where it is 
possible for him to retain his consciousness. If you
are conscious on the astral and not on the mental,
then for you samadhi would be at tBe mental level.
It is to get just beyond the point where you can be
conscious, to pass into a sort of trance from which
you emerge with all sorts of glorified and beautiful
feelings but not generally with consciousness, because
you have gone just beyond the point. Of course that
point is different for people at different stages.

We do not want anything of that kind. The
Masters teach us that in all these meditations our
business is to retain our consciousness so that we rflay
come back and remember what we have seen. I know
that many people have done it and have got a feeling
of happiness and of beatitude. It does not mean
Divine progress, because they lose hold and do not
quite know what they have been doing, and there is