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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWENTY-FIFTH TALK          5o9

always a certain danger in that. You do not know-
thai you will be able to return.

I very w&l know that myself. Your President
and myself were hatching some of those tremendous
outpourings of life from the higher planes, those great
waves of life which come pulsating forth the Solar
Deity. While watching one of these the President
said: (< Suppose we throw ourselves into that wave
and see whither it takes us." We did so, and swept
upwards, until suddenly her Master appeared and
stopped us, and of course we at once obeyed. After-
wards the President asked the Master: tc If we had
gone on with that wave, where should we have found
ourselves ? " He said, ct You would have lost con-
sciousness anri you would have washed up in a
million years or so somewhere on Sirius, or some
other solar system." Manifestly it does not do to
throw yourself into outpourings of that sort, when
you ' do not exactly know what the Deity is trying to
do with those waves of life. It is not a good plan
to lose consciousness; Auch better try to get
yourself in hand and see a little bit where you
are going; otherwise you might lose your physical
body and your temporary usefulness, In the long
run you would not be much worse off, but from our
point of view you would lose time and cause a
certain amount of anxiety to your old friends. It is
better not to plunge into things of this sort. u Fools
rush in where angels fear to tread." It is better to be