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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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cautious. So I would say, do not let your conscious-
ness go. You do not think anything of that because
you do it every night. I can tell you ttiat, when you
get the continuous consciousness,' you find it quite
enormously better, because there is no loss of any-
thing ; then you know exactly where you are. You
leave your physical body and make arrangements
accordingly.  I can imagine that Adam, if there
were such a person, might have felt quite alarmed
when he first found himself dropping off to sleep.
He might have fought against it until at last it was
too much for him and he fell asleep, and presently he
would wake up and find he was all right. If you
were not used to sleep you would think it was like
death, as indeed it is in many cases. - Our line is to
keep full consciousness at every level which we can
reach, and to try to be of use on that plane. The
idea of being of use permeates the whole of our
Masters' teachings. They never speak of mere passive
contemplation. You never sit down and enjoy your-
self anywhere, but get to work and see what you
can do.

This paraphrase that our Master has given of
moksha, ^Love," is evidently characteristic of Him, be-
cause He goes behind the word itself to the reason for it.
He says: (< What is your reason for wanting libera-
tion ? " In order that you may be free to help better.
You are trying to make yourself one with God. What
is this God ? God is love. Then you must develop