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TWENTY-FIFTH TALK          511

love if you want to be one with Him, and the more
you can show forth love, the nearer you are to an
expression ofr the Deity. Therefore I say this
qualification is, in reality, Love.

It is very characteristic of Him, because that is al-
ways His characteristic—an intense compassion, but
always active compassion; no idea of sitting down
and being sorry, but always of getting up and going to
work and help. Always an active form of love, not
merely contemplation.

I suppose, perhaps, it is a difficulty for us to
understand the attitude of the rest of the world
sometimes.   I suppose you have all read Man:

Whence, How and Whither, and you will remember
how it spoke«there of the different boat-loads of
people who came over from the other Chains to this,.
and how certain of those groups of people were
spoken of as the boat-load of Servers. Now practi-
cally all of us in the Theosophical Society belong to
that group, because this idea of service is somewhere
in us, is a very Strong fa&tor in our dispositions^
It comes from very far back, because we were
servers in the very beginning of the evolution of this
world. We find our Masters waiting and picking out
Their people, those in whom They saw the germ of
this idea of service. You know how hard it is to get
away from anything with which you are born,—your
nationality, for example. It carries with it all sorts
of little points of view, little differences which are