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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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very difficult to get over. That is the nationality of
the personality, but this id^a of service you may
call the nationality of the ego, or perhaps even of
the Monad. He was born with th»-t streak in him and
has been cultivated along that line. He has the
desire to be of service. It gets stifled in our worldly
lives and we sometimes forget it, but it crops up
again. We are willing to work for others when we
get the chance. Our Masters belong to that type.
What is hard for you to understand I suppose is that
there are other types which are just as good. The
Solar Deity manifests Himself through three aspects,
Will, Wisdom and Love.  That is how they are
given in this book. Others may seek to approach
Him along the two former lines; bill we, broadly
speaking, are trying to express the Love aspect, and
therefore try to do all we can because that is the line
of our Master, and if we wish to follow Him we must
follow that line. There are other people whose one
idea is devotion, to merge themselves in the Deity
whom they worship. That seeihs to you a selfish
thing. It is not really. There are others who desire
•to reach the Wisdom of the Deity and to merge
themselves in that, and their intense desire is to be
as wise as He is. There is a point where all these
run together. Later on you will find that the wisdom
and the devotion lead men to see that they must
serve the Master whose idea is service. They realise
that they will do it better when they have acquired