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TWENTY-FIFTH TALK          513

the wisdom and the power of the fully developed will
behind them. The devotional man finds that without
wisdom he makes mistakes, and unless he is trying to
serve he cannot he like his Deity because the Deity
is serving. So the three come together if you get
high enough. It is very difficult, but nevertheless it
is a duty that we should feel no shadow of reproach
for these other people whose line is different, that we
should not even think of ourselves as better than
they. Your line is the best for you and you are
following it; but remember that the other man's line
is better for him, and that in the long run they all
merge. So, however difficult it may be, we must
acquire that characteristic of the Deity—the charac-
teristic that Iqoks out simultaneously through all the
aspects and knows that in truth they are all one, and
that when they come back into Himself they come
back as one God and not as three. There are Three
Persons. Remember how you are told in the Atha-
nasian Creed that you must hold this doctrine of the
Trinity, never confounding »the Persons nor dividing
the Substance. You must learn that through all
eternity there is only one God, whose manifestations
are through Three Persons, but that all these Three
are co-eternal and co-equal.