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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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June 29, 1975.

You remember we had commenced the considera-
tion of the fourth qualification—Love. We had been
speaking of this qualification as having been most
usually translated as an intense desire for liberation.
He says:

But to put it in that way sounds selfish, and gives only
part of the meaning'. It is not so much desire as WIJI)
resolve, determination.

We have been speaking of the group of Servers to
which, I hope, all of us belong, and we were saying
that we had that as a kind of nationality, the
nationality of the Monad, his (< national " character-
istic being that he desires to serve. That is for us,
I hope, the most prominent characteristic; it certainly
is in the Monad, even in*the ego. * In the personality
it is sometimes obscured by the desires of that
personality, but we endeavour always to realise our-
selves as the ego and as the Monad behind us, and
not to yield ourselves to the passing moods of the
personality. It really will help you in understanding
and in doing that, if you will remember that all that
passes and changes does not belong to the ego. If
you have fits of great exaltation succeeded by fits of