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TWENTY-SIXTH TALK          5l5

great depression it is y>t the ego that is depressed, it
is not the ego who is unduly exalted. He remains
firm and steady in his purpose all the time. It is
only the astral bo3y which is running away with you,
first in one direction and then in another; and
because his undue exaltation is usually followed^ by
deep depression, even that is a thing to be careful
about—a thing to permit only within certain very
definite limits, so that you may know that you will
be able to check any reaction that may come.

Depression you must not allow at any cost. It
does you harm and it does harm to other people. If
you yield yourself to it, it makes their burdens harder
for them to bear. People often say that it is so
difficult to distinguish between what comes from the
•ego and what comes from the personality. This is
the great rule—that which is changing cannot belong
to the ego.                                ^

So with all of us the ego has been, as it were,
stamped with this seal, with this desire for service.
Intention to serve is perhaps a good way to put it, so
that whenever anything comes in our way, when
anything happens to us or when we meet any person,
our first thought is, " How can these circumstances
be used for the work ? " That is the one thing we
think of. You know there are some worldly people in
business, who always think when they meet a new per-
son : " Now how can I turn this meeting to my advan-
tage?" That shows they are thoroughly in earnest