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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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along the line of making money or whatever it is.
Everything is made to subserve that end, and I think
we ought to be just as earnest along cftir lines; but
somehow people do not find that so^easy as the other.
It should be easier, because that is the real feeling of
the ego, there is no question about that. It is only
that the ego gets so clouded, so hidden behind the
personality. So let us say: <( How can each circum-
stance be used for the work ? " That must always be
the first consideration, not: " What do I feel ? Do
I like or dislike that person ? " That is not the point.
What can be best done to serve the work^, that should
be the one idea.

It was said here in the beginning that if love is
strong enough in a man it makes him acquire all
other qualities. New you know how that works. It
makes people act according to their power to acty
which, of course, varies very much. Take one of the
very best and most useful examples, mother-love. Let
us see how that operates among aC savage race. The
mother-savage does not k6ow mucn1. She is very ignor-
ant, but at least she is prepared to defend her child, to
fight for him, and even if necessary to sacrifice her own
life in his defence. The civilised mother among
ourselves would do just the same thing, in the same
circumstances; but these circumstances do not as a
rule arise. Now and again they do. You hear of
a mother losing her life in saving her baby from a
burning house, or more often sacrificing her life in