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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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very much lacking in detail^ of all sorts. We had
Isis Unveiled, but although Isis Unveiled is a most
wonderful collection of miscellaneous information, it
is hardly so arranged as to give onS a very clear idea
of things. We had not in our minds a sufficiently
comprehensive plan; there was a vast amount of
detail lacking. Therefore, the Master sent this man,,
this Indian, to give us information, and he did. He
was very useful indeed to us, and I quite remember
his speaking to us about these qualifications, which
were not treated of in Mr. Sinnett's books. He told
us quite plainly that without this qualification, this
intense desire for liberation—that is the way he put
it, he did not speak to us of love—he told us that
without this intense desire for liberation and for
union with God, the six qualifications, which are
given here as the six points of Good Conduct, were
like watering the desert; that they would be really
acrid and all but valueless to us unless we had this
intense desire to be one with God and to do as He
does. And since His ^outpouring of Himself is
utterly unselfish, that means unselfishness and there-
fore service on our part also. Those details as to
service were not so clearly worked out in those
earlier days. We were far more fully occupied in
trying to learn Theosophy, in trying to understand it.
All was so new, so beautiful, so exciting and so
interesting, that our time was mainly given to that;

much more to that, perhaps, than it really ought to