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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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says : " If you want to work^with us you must come
0'at of your world into ours." That means that you
must adopt Their attitude, Their way of looking at
things; and that is one of the pomts in which Their
world differs from ours. You must not waste your
time desiring a thing ; you must go and do it. Then
He says:

To produce its result, this resolve must fill your whole
nature, so as to leave no room for any other feeling. It is
indeed the will to be one with God, not in order that you
may escape from weariness and suffering, but in order that
because of your deep love for Him you may act with Him
and as He does. Because He is Love, you, if you would
become one with Him, must be filled with perfect un-
selfishness and love also.

And so you see that the pupil of mr Masters has
only one desire and that is, to serve. He knows
perfectly well that he is only like a small wheel in a
very huge piece of machinery, but, all the same, his
one idea is to be a perfect wheel so far as it goes.

Now people often think that co\d; they think that
it shows a lack of feeling. , That is not so in the
least. Of course, if you said to the ordinary man in
the world, the man you meet in the street, that he
was to give up all that he thought of as himself, he
would justly ask : ti But what will be left of me if I
do that ? " It would be quite true that there would
not be much left of him, because he would have to
give up all the lower side, and the truth is that the
ordinary man has not yet begun to think very seriously