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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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There is a real, a glowing leaning to all that. If
you can once get hold of that, it will revolutionise
your whole conception of life. It is difficult for the
man to understand that this wiSening of the con-
sciousness does not mean the end of him. He does not
lose in the least his perfect freedom; he does not lose
hiS individuality in any way whatever, if he takes in
all this as well. ct The universe grows I "—not, " I
am absorbed in the universe," but " the universe
grows I ". When you touch the thing—some of you,
I know, have touched the Buddhic plane—then you
understand far better than any words can ever
tell you.

You meet the same sort of thing down here in
everyday life, something that will serve as a kind of
example.   If you have a great mercantile house,
and some young fellow joins it as a junior clerk, at
first he regards the house as a sort of taskmaster^
and he tries to get as much as he can out of it and to
give as little as possible in return. But after he has
been there for some years and has been raised
to some more responsible position, then he begins to
identify himself with the house. He begins to say:

<( We do this," and (< We do that," and he is begin-
ning to identify his interests with the interests of the
firm. So he goes on until he comes to be a
manager, and then a partner, and then the identifica-
tion is perfect. Then he speaks always for the
house, to him that firm has become the one thing