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TWENTY-SIXTH TALK           523

which is always in his mind. He has not lost in
volition in the least; he is just as free as ever; just £^
capable of taKing the initiative along any line. The
firm has not coerced him into that attitude ; he has
grown into it. So now he is that firm. That is only
a small illustration down here, but it gives a sort of
idea of the way in which you may develop enormously
in power, yet your will may be as much your own as
ever. You are now certain to use it along the right
line, that is all that it comes to. People do so often
make that mistake. They think that in some way or
other they will lose their freedom or their sense of

They will not lose that sense of individuality, but
they will lose ęthe feeling that the individuality is a
separate thing. They will realise that it is a very
much wider thing than they ever supposed before,
but it is still " I)). They say : (t I am I ". It is a
delusion as supplied to the lower self, but when you
realise the truth <( I am God," then the sense that the
God is God is not an illusTon at all, and the sense:

i( What I thought was I is in reality an expression of
Him," is not an illusion either. There is only one
Self, but that Self is not an illusion. It is only the
idea that anything can exist outside it or be separated
from it that is an illusion. So one must try to under-
stand this thing, even though in the lower world we
cannot fully understand it. Naturally enough there
are so many things we cannot fully understand, but