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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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we can see the line along ^hich the explanation of
them must lie. In so many cases that is the best we
can do with regard to the mysteries of the higher
planes.  Every one will one day experience that
higher consciousness in some incarnation—in this
incarnation, I should think, in the case of most of
you. Some of you I know have touched it already.
When you have, it comes as a revelation of the most
marvellous description, but you can no more explain
it to your fellow-students than I can explain it to you
now. You do not lose youc free will but use it
always in the right way. There will come a time
when you will have become the Path itself, because
it will be utterly natural to you to keep the rules.

When you have developed the qualities, you will
never break those rules. You will never fail in any of
the qualifications because they have become part of
your very nature, they have grown into you. You
have developed yourself until you touched the

Buddhic, the Divine. You are in the Divine all

•       9
the time. I know very well, as I said on Sunday

night to the people, that you are close to the
Living God all the time, because He is in you and
with you and about you always, but it is for you to
learn to realise that, for you to raise your consciousness
step by step, bit by bit, employing all the means that
come in your way until you can really grasp that
idea. You want to become one with God in His high-
er manifestations, in the intellectual manifestations,