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TWENTY-SIXTH TALK           525

not merely in the material form. The matter of your
body, the matter which surrounds you, that also is
He—His oute?r garment; but it is not with the
garment, it is with Him that you wish to become One.
When you become One with Him, He on His side
will use you as a channel through which His force
can be poured. A channel, yes, but a living channel;

you can bring your intellect to bear in directing and
applying the force that He sends through you. You
must not think of yourself as merely sitting there and
being a pipe through which force can be outpoured.
That is entirely true from one point of view; there
are outpourings of force which do come through
a pupil in that way. The pupil knows to whom they
are to be directed without using his own volition ; he
is simply told that the force is to go through him to
do such and such work. But also there is a vast
amount of the Divine force given to him which he can
employ as he will, which he can turn this way or that
as he sees it to be needed. His own powers of
adaptability and factfulnes^ are called into play all
the time, it is by no means blind obedience—very far
from that.

Remember that, however good you may be, you
must also be a spiritual intelligence who can be of some
use with your goodness. So do not fear that you will
lose your individuality or that you will be merged in
something and know yourself no more. We are the
Divine force on these lower planes, but only when we