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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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with those wires. Cut them away and then I shall
believe you." The electrician smiles in reply: (< You
do not understand the law; the wires conduct the
electricity; without that the forae could not come
through." Then the man says: a! have exposed
your trickery." They do the same thing at spiritual-
isfic seances; they will not take the way ordained but
want to strike out other ways. As I said, it is a
disposition, a type, and a type which has certain
good qualities; only it is often a very troublesome
type. There is a certain amount of individuality
about the idea of compelling God to do things in
your way, which I suppose will recommend itself to
some types of mind.

Frankly, it does not recommend itself to mine any
more than does the idea of telling God what to do in
prayer.  I always profoundly feel that He knows
so infinitely better than I do ; and if, by any utterly
inexplicable chance, He should change His intention
on account of my asking Him, I know that I should
be infinitely wor$e off ^nder tKat scheme than I
should have been under His own idea.

People will not take that point of view. They are
always confident that they know best. It is the result
of the development of the lower Manas. We must not
grumble too much at it.  We have spent a great
many years in this sub-race of ours developing this
thing we call a mind. It is not much of a mind really
yet. ci It is a poor thing, but mine ow^." We think