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TWENTY-SIXTH TALK           5a9

we have made it and that it is the greatest of jail our
possessions. We shalPpresently know that there are
higher intellects than ours, and that the higher intel-
lect generally kyws better.   It is simply the
development of the lower Manas. You are trying to
develop something higher—first of all, to develop the
higher Manas, the Causal body, and then to develop
the intuition, the Buddhic faculty. However little
you may directly succeed in awakening these higher
vibrations, the mere effort must help you to the
attitude of synthesis rather than analysis, the attitude
of readiness to accept that which comes from above
rather than the attitude of protest against it, on the
theory that you must be the higher and that therefore
nothing can come to you from above, which is the
line of partially developed intellect. Fully develop-
ed intellect would show you the truth. We have not
reached that yet, but we are trying ; only, in trying,
it is well to recognise that and take an attitude of
humility in the matter. We must obey our consci-
ence, because, after all, it i^ all we have, but we must
obey it with humility, with gentleness, recognising
always that that which seems to us so clearly the best
may after all not be so, and that therefore we must
above all things avoid criticising other people, who, on
these knotty points, may decide differently. It matters
very much less which way you make up your own
mind in a difficulty than it matters how you regard
the people who take the other point of view. You