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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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must .sometimes make mistakes in your decisions
as to the best way of doin^ a thing. If you have

tned your best along your o^n line, you have
done the best you could. The ^vil comes in when
you be^in to judge people who decide otherwise, and

want to interfere with them. That is where you go
w»ong at once; that is where you cannot go

right. The minute you begin to interfere with other
people wu arc doing that which you should not do,
but so long as you yourself earnestly and honestly do

your bist the fact that you make a mistake cannot be
helped. It is a pity» but far better that you could

make a mistake, and be kind-hearted and charitable
about it> than that you should do right and be uncharit-
able and critical; because you will do „ more harm by
that attitude than you would do good by your right
decision. People often exaggerate the importance of
the point that is to be decided at the minute. Judgment
—that is a part of your evolution; but at the same
time there are other things, besides these mental
decisions, which are ef vast importance.   Your
spiritual attitude, your loving-kindness and gentleness,
these matter more than your being right, instead of
wrong, in some particular thing \\hich comes before
you for decision.

Will, by all means, to be one with God. By the way,
there is a point there, which may not have occurred
to you, but which occurs very much to our brothers
in India. These are the words of the Master Koot