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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Di ity,» and it is in that sense undoubtedly that our
Ma-hT uses the ^ord " God" here. But, as I say,
many people have rebelled against it^ So it is well
you i-honid understand.         •

Then He says: A< You must make yourself like
Him." New ^hat do we know of Him ? We know
that He manifests Himself through three aspects:

Will or Pwer, Wi?dom, and Love or Activity- Now,
some approach Him through one of these aspects
and some through another. Our way is the way of
Activity, because that is the way of our Masters.
That is a point you have to understand. You have
tward much about the Seven Great Rays and you
knew that one of them is the line of Devotion,
and that another is the line of .Wisdom, and
another that of Power or Will. But really there
arc many ways» Remember that in all these Rays
then* arc sub-divisions, there are sub-rays, as it
wen*. Take the case of Devotion. You can quite
easily sie you may have three types or kinds of that
d< motion.  You may hdve the tievotion which I
^•upj o^e iu1 may call the pure devotion, the devotion
\\lmh ha-, nothing else in it. The devotee, of this
Upe ca^fs himself d<?\ui, as it were, before the Object
uf hi. dduniti m, and ju&t wishes to become one with
It—his oiilv rhuct is that. I suppose you find that
t^pe in our \\ extern races only among some few monks
and nuns desire is simply to spend themselves
in perpetual adoration of the Deity. That is a