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TWENTY-SIXTH TALK           533

splendid thing, but if -you will think of it, you will
see that, for the moment at any rate, the man is not
thinking of others; he is not concerned with the
great orphan Humanity at all; he is thinking only
of becoming one with the Deity. If you ask him
about others—he will say: " Let them do what I
am doing." I know that is the answer I have had,
given to me by Bhaktas in India. There are many
there, you know. I know one man, a very good
example, whose one idea was just precisely that—to
sit in adoration before the image of his Deity and to
try to become one with Him. That is the future he
puts before himself and it is the future he will gain.
He will spend the whole of his heaven life, probably
a very long orie, thousands of years, in just precisely
that—in a sort of swoon of adoration. He will spend
himself in that way. Of course that means develop-
ment for his various vehicles and a certain advance
to himself. But I do not think that purely devotional

method would commend itself to even the most

•           •

devotional among you. Why not ? Because you
have this other undercurrent. You have the desire
for service; and therefore, if you are devotional,
then you want to express your devotion in that way.
You see, you may be purely devoted and think of
nothing but the Deity. You may have a lower de-
votion which demands a quid pro quo from the Deity,
which says: <( If you will pay me so much in the way
of riches and promotion and general assistance, I will