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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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give Vbu so much devotion."^ There is a great deal
of that kind of devotion in the world.

Then there is the third kind, which ^ think would
be yours, if any of you are strbngly devotional—
which says : <( I love that Great One, or that Teacher,
so much that, because of that and in His name, I
must be doing something to help others to know Him
and to understand Him as I do. I must do good
works in His name." Now that is a very noble and
a very practical kind of devotion, and if any of you
are on the devotional ray, well, you will not be purely
devotional, you will have this variant of activity
which will make you want to do something on account
of your devotion. Just so, if any of you be on the
line of Wisdom, which wishes abov5 all things to
know, you will have the same streak running" across
the character. There arc those who desire to become
wise merely in order to heap up wisdom, merely in
order to know and to understand. That is a very
wonderful quality in a man. He must understand a
thing, he must get to tl?e root of it. These are the
men who make great progress in the knowledge of
nature. There may be among you some who have
that intense desire for knowledge and—because you
are Servers—that will be crossed by this other feeling
asxl you will get the complex result: " I want know-
ledge, but I want it only that I may be useful." You
would see very strongly the mistakes made by other
people, who, although they desire with all their hearts