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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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July 27, 1915.

BEFORE I went away we were at the beginning of
this fourth qualification which is said to be the most

necessary of all—the qualification of Love:

Because lie is Love, you, if you would become one
with Him, muht be filled with perfect unselfishness and
love albo.

In connection with that you should note the
sentence just before that, " but in order that because
of your deep love for Him you may act with Him
and as He does".  That is very prominent all
through this book—the practical nature of its teach-
ing. If it gives »us any jnsfcructions it invariably
adds at once that they must be put into practice and
some words to show us how they must be put into

There is a line of approach by devotion only, you
know, which is without necessarily any action, or at
any rate any action on the physical plane. That is,
however, not at all the line w^nch is advocated here.
There may be among us men of devotion, indeed
I hope there are, but our devotion will be such