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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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as must find its expression ir definitely doing some-
thing for the sake of Him to whom we are devoted.
It will not be the pure devotion which desires
only to merge itself in its Deityl We do not find
that in this band of Servers to which we belong. We
were born with this idea of Service, it is, as it were,
the distinguishing mark of the Monad, his greatest
characteristic, that he devoted himself to service of
some sort, to somebody, and therefore the necessity
of action.

You will find that all our Masters are on that line
of action. The Deity, you see, is Will, Wisdom and
Love in His Three Manifestations. There are men
who approach Him along each, and there are men
among us, among our great leaders/who approach
Him along each of these lines, but always with that
qualification that, by whichever way they may
approach Him, it leads them always to action, so
that it is not abstract devotion, it is not abstract
wisdom, but it is, as it we^e, applie^ devotion, applied
wisdom. Similarly the love must not be a mere
feeling, however beautiful and magnificent, but a
feeling which results in something definite.

We have had three books, more or less of this
kind, dealing with discipleship. I do not mean those
which our President herself has written, The Path of
Discipleship and In the Outer Court, beautiful as
those are; but we have had given to us by the
teaching of the Masters three separate books; one in