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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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i885, Li^it on the Path; another in l889, TJw I^aice
of the Silence ; and then an interval of more than
twenty years before this book comes before us
in z9n.

Now each of those books of ethics has its own
characteristics. Both of those older books are far
more poetical than this, although in this also there
are two or three very beautiful expressions—it could
not be otherwise since it comes from our Master Koot
Hoomi. Nevertheless these others are far more
poetical, far more filled with symbology, but this is
not only as simple as words can make it, it is also
severely practical.

The three books apply to different stages. The
book, JLight o^i the Path, we are told, has several
meanings one behind the other. The highest of
these meanings is supposed to carry us to what is
called the Initiation of the Maha-Chohan, a stage
beyond where even our Masters stand. But on the
other hand it has aq interpretation which is applicable
to us down here at the present time. The Voice of
the Silence, which comes next, carries us as far as
the Arhat Initiation. Very near the end you get the
words, u A new Arhat is born"; so evidently it is
intended to carry us that far. This book, At the
Feet of the Master, goes only up to the First Initia-
tion. Not only was this, as I told you in the begin-
ning, addressed to a boy of thirteen, wherefore it
had to be so wonderfully simple, but also that boy