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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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himself had a severely practical mind. Always it was
his instinct to ask : " Well, what is to be done about
that thing ? " If you explained to him the necessity
for acquiring certain qualifications and so on, he
Mould say: "Yes, and when you have them, what
do you do with them ? " That was his line. So
between these two things we have the very remark-
able result of 'this little book, so plain and so
essentially practical. So, really, though the others
are far more poetical, this is a very great boon and
of great assistance to the man who is earnestly
trying to follow the Way. If one must have only
one small book with one, this is the book I
recommend, distinctly. I think in its way there is
nothing quite like it. The others we shall consider
in due course, but I think this has its own peculiar
place because of that intense practicality.  That
comes out here : u If you want to be one with God,
you must act with Him and as He does." Then He
goes on to say: " In daily life i^ means so-and-so,"
at once explaining how you may apply the thing.
That sentence : tŁ You, if you would become one with
Him, must be filled with perfect unselfishness and
love" also really epitomises the whole Path. It
means so much. The more you think of it, the more
you will see in those few simple words, because, if
your unselfishness is perfect, then you never think of
yourself at all in anything that you do. If what you
do brings no obvious visible result here on the