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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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physical plane, you will not in the least be disturbed ;

you have done your best. The work was done tqr
the sake of others. If you were looking for result or
reward you would* be thinking of yourself; and so
you would be falling short of the perfect unselfishness.
He who is perfectly unselfish can never be wounded or
hurt by anything that is said or done ; a person who
has a feeling which can be hurt is thinking of himself»
Now to have feelings is human nature; but you
know, if you want to succeed along this line, you
must to that extent become superhuman. You are
aiming at becoming something more than the average
mars, and that is precisely one of the ways—that
you must not have any feelings that can be hurt or
wounded. It means that you are thinking of yourself,
and you must not think of yourself.

The perfect love which is to be held towards every
one involves so much. A few words later on we shall
come to the sins against love: Gossip, Cruelty and
Superstition.  But if your love were perfect, you
would never be * cruel, fon would never gossipy
because you would take care not to discuss the faults
or failings of one you love,—certainly never to any-
body else, which is the essence of gossip. Just as you
would not publish abroad the failings of your own son»
so you would not publish abroad the failings of any-
body else's son.  There is no more far-reaching
sentence than that—that perfect love and perfect
unselfishness practically cover the w^ole ground.