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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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a l all, *would devote themselves wholly to meditation
and supplication. Translating it into our language,
that would mean the formation c good and
high thought and the sending of it put with a definite
view to the helping of people. Such Orders prayed
for the whole world, you remember. It was their
buftnebs to make a speciality of prayer and medita-
tion, and to do it for their brethren, who to a large
extent, because of their work and other reasons,
were unable to do it so well and so thoroughly for
thems^hes. They were a part of humanity, supplying
a need of humanity. That was the theory of the
thing. The}' were not merely lazy monks retiring
from active work, as was supposed. That was not
ttif; idea ; but that those people \\ere dcyng very much
linnitT work in connection with higher planes which
utLiT- 0-mld not do, and doing it, generally, under
4 irnmK.mcto of self-abnegation and asceticism which
^uuld ftimph frighten the ordinary man. So one
mu^t is^t mi^imdurbtand the original intention of a
s< h< me likt* that*               

Th* same thing precisely was the intention of the
yogi in India, It failed among the Christians and
ainung the Hindus, just as it failed among the
Bmldhi^; the thing has failed to some extent.
L"iwurtli\ people have joined these Orders, It is
quite oiniou?. ttsat the life of the monk, when it was
w)t to definitely ascetic, might be made a comfort-
Ue, la^y sort of life to the man who used it only to