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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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otherwise they would probably have taken of the
teaching which she left behind her. It is of course,
utterly irrational. One does not defend the person
who takes that attitude. They say that, if she were
fraudulent, then what she said was not likely to be
trjae. In a general way that argument has some-
thing in its favour, but the first thing is to see what
is the teaching, and to ask whether it is true. I
know that the stories were false, because I knew her
exceedingly well. But though I have never hesitated
to say so in the most definite and decided way, I
generally also add : (< But supposing it all had been
true, what does it matter ? Theosophy is not false
even though the charges are true. The teaching of
Theosophy still remains the finest explanation in
existence of all the problems of life." But people do
not see that. They won't go any further because mud
has been cast upon the character of the Founder;
unjustly cast, but as to that they pay no attention.

The same thing has happened v^ith our great Presi-
dent. She has been attacked all her life long. I think
I know no one who has been more frequently and
more foully attacked than she. Long before she
came into Theosophy at all she was before the public
as a teacher of free thought. She was attacked and
vilified first because of a certain pamphlet written
long before she was born, but which she published
when it was given up under threat of prosecution on
subjects which every one has to think about, but