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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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to your idea is low and meap, you may perhaps be
able to lead him to some higher ideal, but it
is a most evil and most wicked, things to take away
from a man his ideal, without leaving" him something
higher and better to take its place. You should never
take away a man's ideal; but instead of that you
should try to put before him something so much higher
that that in its turn will attract him, and presently
he may come to see that there are flaws in the other.
It is not for you to point out the flaws, it is not for
you to try to belittle anyone under any circumstances.
You know, many of you probably by personal
experience, what a wonderful amount of good our
President has done to people who came to her. I
am not thinking only of all that has been done by her
published books, of the thousands who have seen the
light through what she wrote. I am thinking also of
the thousands who write to her and ask her advice
about all sorts of difficulties and problems in which
they find themselves. How many people have been
prevented from applying for sucfi. advice by these
evil reports that have been circulated about her !
You may begin to see, perhaps, what immeasurable
harm may be done by spiteful and foolish gossip, and
so you will see our Master is quite right when He

classes it as one of the greatest of the crimes in the

Then of course, gossip very much hurts the feelings
^of the person at whom it is aimed. As I said, if you are