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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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that unless men pronounced^ their particular Shib-
tToleth, unless they followed along the particular line
which they taught, such men would be burned
for ever hereafter. Now if anybody really does
believe that (impossible though it may seem to us) then
he would be justified in trying any means whatever by
which he could save his fellows from such eternal
burning. He would be justified if, by burning him here
and now for a short time on the physical plane, he
could save him from burning for ever hereafter.
If the people really believed that, all the horrible
tortures would be justified. It is a very remarkable
fact that they seemed to hold that it did not matter
what the heretic really thought, but only that they
could force him to say that he believed in their
particular doctrines. I presume no one was forced
by this abomination into any belief whatever, but
only may have been forced to say that he believed it.
If you could only be got to pronounce certain words,
the prison doors opener before ^ou. If that were
true, the Inquisition is justified, but it is not true.
It is difficult for us to escape from the conviction that
they really knew, and for political or personal ends
pretended the necessity for this belief. I do not think
this was so. .1 think the people were just as genuinely
deluded about that as some people are about the
Sunday superstition. In Scotland, for instance, there
are people who believe that one day of the week is
different, and that things that would be praiseworthy