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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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on any other day woiSd be wicked on Sunday. It is
a state of mind that has nothing to do with logic'or
any of the exact sciences, but nevertheless it appears
to exist. That is one example of what superstition
has done.

The Crusades were another mighty superstition.
Because of a story, which had no foundation in fact,
as to the life and death of the Teacher Jesus, twenty
millions of men lost their lives in those Crusades,
trying to get into Christian hands the country where
this life-story of an Initiate was supposed to have
been lived. If they could have been brought to under-
stand that it was the life-story of an Initiate, and that
it had been lived in every country in the world at one
time or anotfier, all that loss of life might have been
avoided. Perhaps it was not an entire loss, because
by going out to fight with the more enlightened
Saracens they brought back some useful information
into Europe. Of course the fact that the people died
for an ideal counted to thepi for righteousness. Any
child might have seen that the thing was all a
delusion, yet the fact that they went out and died was
in itself a noble act. And so after all, much as we
may regret the superstition which led to such a
waste of life, even that, we can see, was used for

Then the Muhammadans again for the sake of
their particular superstition have slain thousands and
thousands, have spread bloodshed and slaughter over