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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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those ^)ther people are vibratiag. We do not recog-
mse that as a regular thing. We do not understand
that there is always this occult force at work ; but it
is a very real thing, and in a Łase like this, of a
thing which is a universal custom, is cropping up
constantly every day. Somebody will say something
to you which comes under this head ; it is the most
natural thing in the world to take it up and reply and
let the discussion go on for a while. Well, we ought
not to do that. It is very difficult indeed to avoid
this; it is unquestionably an exaggeration of a facul-
ty which we have been developing. We are in the
fifth sub-race of the Fifth Root Race; our special
business has been the development of the lower mind.
The function of the lower mind is* to discriminate
between things by their differences. If it is compar-
ing two things it looks first of all for the differences
between them. If some new book comes before you,
if anything new comes before you, the things you
distinctly look for first are the points in which it
differs from your own ideas. Theoretically we ought
to look first for the points of agreement, but we do
not as a rule, because our whole impetus, the entire
momentum, is the other way.  For thousands of
years we have been developing this discriminative
power, and we apply it in all sorts of ways in which
it would be very much better if we did not. So our
very word t( critical" has come to mean picking
holes. It is derived from the Greek, and should