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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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a good thought, mut;h good. I have seen cases
(I wish you could see them as I have seen them) In
which an evil thought about a man led to a course
of evil action on his part, the results of which
would last for many lives, because here was a condi-
tion which to a certain extent responded to it in ^he
man's mind. It was, as it were, near the surface,
but it had not materialised itself in action. Then
there came an evil thought from some one else, which
gave just the push which sent him over from
thought to action, and committed him to a course of
crime. Surely there is a great responsibility for
the man who did that. You can all see that a little
impetus given to another might not matter so much
sometimes, but in some cases it might make all the dif-
ference in the world. Schoolboys running about often
push one another, push a boy on the edge of a precipice
so that he goes over. You never know when a man's
thought may be on the edge of some evil course of
action ; when he rgay be ju^t balanced as it were, and
one evil thought about him may just push him over. On
the other hand, when a man is in that way balanced
between good and evil, one strong helpful good thought
may push him definitely on to the good side and set
him going on a career which will mean for him rapid
development. Only the responsibility of the thought,
of the word, is a very serious one. I suppose we
may talk* about it and write about it; but until you
see those thought-forms going out, until you develop