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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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the faculty which enables yoŽ to see the push given,
the results produced, I suppose you will never be able
to realise it; but see it once, and you will be careful,
with a care born of horror. At the^same time remem-
ber what the poet Schiller wrote about clairvoyance,
when he spoke of the horror of the thing; how he
desired the welcome blindness of the sense again.
<( Take back your cruel gift; take back this dreadful
gift," was what he said.  There are many things
which are not pleasant to see. You get a new sense
of the responsibilities of life if you see a few things.

When you hear an unpleasant story about anyone,
or a reflection cast upon anyone, just think whether
you would repeat that reflection, whether you would
send it on and magnify it if it were about your son*
No, you would not. You would combat it in the first
place, and be very careful to say nothing about it.
Why should you act differently about some one else's
son ? It is a point worth thinking of, you know.

Well, as I say, there is not m^ch to add to what
the Master says here about this matter of gossip:

See what gossip does. It begins with evil thought, and
that in itself is a crime. For in every one and in everything
there is good ; in every one and in everything there is evil.
Either of these we can strengthen by thinking of it, and in
this way we can help or hinder evolution ; we can do the
will of the Logos or we can resist Him. If you think of the
evil in another you are doing at the same time three *wicked

You notice the strength of the language used ; it
is absolutely definite. He speaks of the thing as a