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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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it brighter,—you have no idea of how much*of that
you can do simply by putting away from yourself all
sorrowful th<?ughts*and filling yourself with love that
will radiate all round you. You have no idea of the
difference you can make. Then He says :

If there is in that man the evil which you think, you
arc strengthening it and feeding it; and so you are making
your brother worse instead of better. But generally tlie
evil is not there, and you have only fancied it; and tlien
your wicked thought tempts your brother to do wrong, for
if he is not yet perfect you may make him that which you
have thought him.

There again is the word a wicked ". You see how
strongly He speaks of it. You tempt your brother
to do wrong ; you inakc yourself in point of fact like
the legendary, Christian devil. There is no personal
devil whose business it is to tempt, but men and
women often do the work of the devil by sending out
thoughts which tempt people, which react upon them ;

and that is a sad thing. They would not do it if
they knew. We at least do know, and therefore we
must try not to dcf wrong. •

Yon fill vour own mind with evil thoughts instead
of good ; and so vou hinder your o\\n growth, and make
yourself, for those who can sec, an u^ly and painful object
instead of a beautiful and lev aide one.

Now, you know how much trouble people take
about .their physical personal appearance ; how anx-
ious they are to look well, to appear always at their

best ; but there is a larger astral audience than
any physical audience. If you let yourself appear