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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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ugly irt the astral world, a far greater number of
people are scandalised by your appearance, or
annoyed at it, than could possibly be the case on the
physical plane. If you think anything of producing
a good impression, you had better produce it there.
It is a matter to be very seriously considered. You
ha^e a duty towards your fellows; you do not
sufficiently recognise that  We all know that, in a
general sort of way, we ought to put on the best
appearance we can, to make the best of ourselves.
If we go out into society, we try to be gentle and
pleasant, and this not merely, I hope, because we
feel it is a social duty that we owe people. The
cult of beauty seems to have been forgotten to a very
large extent in these days. In anci5ht*days we know
that it was every man's duty to make himself as
perfect and as beautiful as possible, in every way, in
attire, appearance, in speech and in action. He had
to learn the proper, the right, the graceful way of
doing everything. Not only sculpture and painting,
but even pottery should be not only useful but also
beautiful. If a man built a house, it was his duty to
his neighbours and to the State to put up something
that would be graceful and beautiful, not necessarily
costly. I wish people would recognise that in these
days, but they do not at all.  They think 9nly of
building as cheaply as they can, and allow the
result to be as hideous as it may. It is*an actual
duty, this cult of beauty. It is a duty not only to