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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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ourselves but to others. A man builds a grSo.t ugly
factory or a hideous house. Everybody who locJss
at it is the vTorse for having looked at it. Anybody
who is sensitive must shrink back from it at once.
That is bad karma for the man who put it there.
You think that such things do not matter, but they
do matter.  One's surroundings are of very gr*eat
importance. True, the strong soul can conquer its
surroundings—I hope many of us do ; but why should
we not have things which would help us instead of
things which hinder us ? I tell you everybody who
builds a beautiful place deserves well of his fellow
citizens, because he has put up something the sight
of which will give pleasure to every one who sees it;

and that touch of pleasure you get also .when you see
some beautiful colour, because of the effect a
beautiful colour produces in this gray civilisation of

This same thing is true on other planes also. The
man who makes for himself a radiant and beautiful
astral body, full^of love and devotion, deserves the
gratitude of his fellows, because he is pouring out
these vibrations. Not only do the inhabitants of the
astral world see the beauty of it, but every one, even
those who do not see it, feels it. These vibrations
act upon them, and they are helped thereby. So
here is a thing which surely ought to appeal to
a great •many that if you yield yourself to ugly,
selfish, evil thoughts, you are spreadmg unpleasant