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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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roughly. How do yoy know the reason of* that ?
Possibly he has been sitting up all night with a sicJ^
child ; perhapsisomeone else has jarred him or annoy-
ed him in some way. You get the reflex action of
that; the man is not annoyed with you. If he were
a great Adept, probably he would not be, but we are
not all great Adepts yet, you know. To judge a man's
words without knowing their context does quite
incalculable harm ; so one has to be careful. Remem-
ber that justice is one of the manifestations of God^
and that if we want to show forth the power of God
in ourselves we must try to be just and kindly in our
thoughts, because He is so. Well, the upshot of it all
is, you see, that a man should mind his own business
and leave others alone. It does not sound difficult;

well, if everybody in the Society would do it, I think
that we should be a far greater power than we are-
We are doing better than the outer world of course ;

it would be indeed be a shame if we were not. But
there is room to do a great deal better still, and we
all mean to do it? The only difficulty in the way is
that all these things, which we have actually to do, are
such unpleasant little things. If you were asked to
go out and suffer martyrdom for our Masters, you
would do it. You might have your fears and your
tremors inside, but you would do it; but to do these
little, everyday things which do not seem to matter,
that is so much harder. It is the old story. Fifteen
hundred years ago, S. Augustine said: " Many there