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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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us ever to resort to it. I am not so sure ; Ldo not
think that I should like to see absolute power given
into the han^s of any religious body. I hope that
Theosophists woujd know how to use it, if it came
their way; but as to other sects, I am not so sure.
Read the oldest literature we know, the Vedas of
India, and you will find it cropping out very strongly
there. You will find the Aryans pouring down into
the plains of India, and proceeding to put to the
sword the people they find there. Nothing is too
dreadful to be done to these people ; they must be
wiped off the face of the earth. Why ? For one all-
sufficient reason, because their rites are different.
There you have religious feeling, you see, as it was
many, many thousands of years ago; but it is the same
thing which led to the persecution by the inquisitors
and all the rest of it. You know how the Muham-
madans have gone over their part of the world
offering the Koran or the sword to people. Christ-
ians, you know, have not been very much better.
Twenty millions fell in the Crusades; there have
been frightful wars between Catholics and Protestants,
and a vast amount of ill-feeling is now very strong
in certain places.   I do not think I should like
to trust those people with much in the way of
absolute power.  He mentions, you notice, the
inquisitors. Of course it is quite true that the power
of the Church of these days was largely used for
political purposes, but it seems almost certain that at