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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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least some of those people must have believed them-
selves to be entirely in the right in what'they are
doing, must really have felt th^y were doing
good service. Now karma works»on all planes; the
karma of such actions as those of the inquisitors
would be terrible beyond words, but if we can
suppose that their intentions were good and pure,
then on the mental plane they would have the karma
of that good intention, even though they would have
the karma of the most incredible stupidity. The
physical plane karma would be very terrible. It is
very difficult, very difficulty to put oneself back into
such conditions as that.

Then He says : tt Vivisectors do it." Perhaps that
is a big question. It is important because people are
sometimes very unreasonable about it.  I will say
something to you about it next week, if I can. I
should have the very greatest horror myself of the
whole thing ; and yet I have known some of the men
who do it, and I know those men to be good men,
just as kindly in ordinary life as arty of you; therefore
I say that we must be careful to distinguish between
the thing which is done and the man who does it. I
have quite frankly nothing but abhorrence for the
thing myself. I have heard all that is said in favour
of it, and this amounts to practically nothing at all.
I should not like to speak harshly of the viviSectors.
<( Shun the sin, but love the sinner." Vivisection is a
horrible thing, but remember our Society is neutral.