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TWENTY-NINTH TALK           5«Sl

It seems difficult to Miew, but one mint giCc thrni
the benefit of the dmibt. But at k'a-t therein no
obvious use, mdeedT I think ^e ma} ^» further and
say there is aW)?i2tel\ nn use, in such abomination?.
All vh istctiunists, of course, arc not crwl to th**
same degree. I kniw, for example, a doctor uho is
one of the first surgeons in the world, and a member
of our o\\n Society, ^ho, before he joined the Society,
performed vm^ction, but of an uifin h different
kind. I \u!l ghe you an example of the lefe ohjco
tionable kind, so that \on ma\ understand uhat I
inean. There are certain tubes in the human Ixxiy
which sometime? come to ^ridf» Ixromr sdimi.
They are so fine that, v»hcn OIIL" tru^ to join tilem
again, the inimitable scar aluays blocks the tulx;.
The tube is so line that you cannot tme it with a
scar upon it—it blocks the passag^uiv if they are
joined end to end. It was for a time impn.^iHi* tn do
amthin^ vuth the problem, until it occurred to thi^
doctor that, if» one made ^a larger inciHon, it ms^ht
be possible for the thing to heal and }Ct kc-ep it open.
He did this by making an incision in the tube near the
end of one, and on the side of the other, and let them
cnerlap like that and heal in that ^ay. A very
ingenious scheme, as you \\ ill see. In order to see whe-
ther Ais thing would \\ork, he tritd experiments
upon a number of dogs, the experiment lx;ing simply
to make- a slight incision—to cut this tube and
then to join it in this particular \\ ay. He has told