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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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me himself that he tried thfe experiment on some
half dozen stray dogs that were found in the street.
They were thoroughly well fed and^ brought into
perfect health before the operation^; some ansesthetic
was then administered and the dogs were nursed very
carefully until they had recovered, and it was found
that the operation had been successful.  Here we
have some half dozen stray dogs which were utilised
for the purpose, and after being so utilised were
turned out in very much better health than they had
ever been before. The result was that this, which
had before been thought impossible, became a recog-
nised possibility, and that the operation, which is now
a common one all over the world, is called by the
name of the doctor who invented it. r The principle
is undoubtedly wrong, but we can see that there was
practically no cruelty to the animals concerned, and
they were much better off for the time being. They
had some weeks of care and good feeding, instead of

being left to stray in the streets, and were then turned

^          a

out in very much better health. You see that both
in its motive and in its method that is quite, quite
different from the other. I do not believe either of
the things to be right as a matter of principle^ but
still I do recognise that there is a very sharp distinc-
tion to be drawn, and that it would be entirely
inappropriate to attack the doctor, who did what I
have just described, in the sort of way in 'which the
anti-vivisectionists are constantly attacking the others.