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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Thus although, as^i matter of principle, f do not
see that the tiling i^ to IK* cniitlnnnl rrA^rIf, wt I
v^ould advise yon to be ury ran fui \n]i d'» not
let your proper a?xi natural f^elin^ uf sympathy and
pity for the animaV earn you aw;n- into anything
like hatred for the people, b^cau-e aftiT all it ih tih\ ivft
wron^ to hate people, even peopk* \\ho do ?nch tiling
as this. If hatred v^ere permi?^ibli*, that ^ould Ix,*
different; but \\e must not hate. If vie «In, \\i- I<wer
ourselves to something of their o\\ n level. We may
quite reasonably object strongly to th^ principle uf
the ^hole thin^; only remrmber that, if am' of
you do feel moved to \\ork in that \uiy, Mm nm^t
do so as private individuals, and }<xi must not brini^
into the matter the name of the The^so|»hical Society,
because \\e hold perfect neutrality vuth regard to all
matters outside our oun study. We do not, as a
society, go into politics: \\c do not cnmmit the
Society, as such, to any movement ^hate\er. Even
the Order of the Star in the Eas-t, ^hich i- an nff-
shoot of the Theoso|»hical Sucitty, cannot be taken
as compulsory for any Theosuphibt. The SncH'ty
exacts no belief from it- members, but only tht* one
central idc\i that they shali bz \\illin^ to \\ork for
Uni\crsal Brotherhood. As a matter of fact, rc.irly
all t^iose \\ho join the Society do hi M the general
mass of beliefs vdiich \\e call Theo^ophy, but it
is very important that you should remember that
members are not in any way bound to do so, and